Review | The Three-Day Affair by Michael Kardos

Title: The Three-Day Affair

Author: Michael Kardos

Publish Date: September 04, 2012

Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

Website: Official Site Here

Imprint: The Mysterious Press

My Source: Netgalley

My rating: 3 Stars

The first debut novel from the newly relaunched Mysterious Press intro­duces a phenomenal new voice in the realm of crime fiction. Will, Jeffrey, and Nolan have been friends since college. Each has gone their own way while forging new lives. Will is a part-time drummer who spends his time in recording studios, Nolan is happily unmarried, while Jeffrey is wealthy and has a baby on the way. They have no reason to believe anything extraordinary will befall them. Until one shocking moment changes everything.

One night on a drive they stop at a convenience store for Jeffrey to pick up cigarettes. Within moments, Jeffrey comes out of the store dragging a young woman with him. He shoves her into Will’s car and shouts a single word: “Drive!” Shaken and confused, Will obeys.

Suddenly three ordinary men find themselves completely out of their ele­ment, holding a young girl hostage without the slightest idea of what to do next. They are already guilty of kidnapping and robbery; it is only a matter of time before they find out what else they’re capable of. For these four people, three days will decide their fate—between freedom and prison, innocence and guilt . . . and life and death. The Three-Day Affair marks the emergence of a truly talented new crime writer. (Official Book Summary)

My Review:

Four friends plan to spend an entire weekend reminiscing about college, playing several games of golf, drinking, and playing poker. But, that so isn’t what happens – there’s a kidnapping and a robbery that ensues. I was hooked! You know, it’s the way you can’t help but look to see what has happened when you drive by a car accident. That’s how hooked I was. The suspense in this story, kept me riveted. The trainwreck that was their decision making kept me reading. Could it be that these bright men, who graduated from Princeton, were so book smart yet were so completely stupid in their common sense? I had to finish to see if that was the case. As I read the story, I kept telling myself that this had to be some silly prank but as I kept reading, it certainly was not. I did get a better understanding of the evolution of their friendship and why some of the choices they made came about. Which I liked. The ending wasn’t what I expected and that was good, it kept me thinking about the story even after I had finished.


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