Review | Slave to Love by Nikita Black

Title: Slave to Love

Author: Nikita Black

Publish Date: February 14, 2007

Publisher: Cajun Hot Press

Website: N/A

Imprint: N/A

My Source: Amazon

My rating: 4 Stars

Vice Sergeant Caroline Palmer is not into whips and chains… That is, not until Homicide detective Lieutenant Michael ‘Mick’ McGraw–better known as The Iceman–leads her undercover into a secret world she never dreamed existed. He says they are tracking a sexual predator, a sadistic killer who preys on adventurous suburban couples. But Caroline knows Mick is looking for something else. Something much more dangerous. This erotic thriller will leave you breathless in more ways than one. (Official Book Summary)

My Review:

Whoa! That was a murder-mystery plus some major doses of steam! I was really excited to get into this story since I am a huge murder mystery fan. I was not dissappointed! The plot kept me riveted and even though a lot of reviewers said they didn’t like the ending, I did like it. It made me think about the book even after finishing it, I really wanted to go back and re-read it to see if there was anything I missed. Just what a good mystery should be. The sex was graphic in its description and there was a lot throughout the book. That really wasn’t what kept me glued to the story, it was really a good plot. In fact, I feel that this story would have held up with quite a bit less of the graphic stuff. The only thing that you might say is a negative was the main character, Mick. He was your typical leading man – hot, mysterious, broken and a little bit creepy with his Dominance stuff. But, it really fell into place with the plot and Mick couldn’t be anything but the above.

In the afterword, the author felt compelled to interpret her ending – which I did not agree with. I so did not read what she intended, I read the exact opposite. I read what everyone, I feel, was complaining about. The ending is a little left to the imagination, I’ll stick with what I originally thought about who did what.


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